Speech Obama: does he hint at his premature resignation and pending death penalty?


On May 5th 2016, Neil Keenan placed a statement and video message on his blog with a remarkable message: Obama surrendered, secretly resigned and handed over his power to the General Joseph Dunford. This information was handed to Keenan through various sources, yet it might be dis-info deliberately disclosed to him, a common Cabal tactic. However given Obama’s speech he gave at the White House Correspondent’s Dinner, a couple of striking remarks makes you wonder what is going on behind the scenes.

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The White House Correspondent’s Dinner (WHCD) is a yearly event for journalists associated with the White House, and is attended by the president and vice president. This dinner traditionally takes place at the Washington Hilton since 1920. It is organised by the White House Correspondents’ Association, an organisation of journalist who cover the White House and the President of the United States. On April 30th 2016 Obama’s final WHCD took place and traditionally he gave a speech in advance.

The tone of the speech was more like a performance of a stand-up comedian rather than a presidential speech. Most likely the text was not written by Obama himself and it was full of jokes. Various people within journalism and politics were either taken the piss out of, or put in the spotlight in a comical way. Obama himself looked drugged, although he was still capable to give the speech. All this made the audience euphoric and they began to laugh heartily once Obama started his recitation.

Obama started by saying: “It is an honor to be here at my last, and perhaps the last White House correspondents’ dinner.” Is this the first hint at the big changes that are taking place? Why would this be the last WHCD? Why would this yearly tradition not take place with the newly elected president next year?

According to Neil Keenan’s sources prior to the WHCD dinner a back room deal was made in which Obama had handed over his power. Obama was cornered in such a way that he surrendered and handed over the control to General Dunford. Whether this really took place was contradicted by Drake Bailey, who is however closely involved with The Plan to arrest many political figure heads in the US for high treason, including Obama.

The many insinuations made by Obama during his WHCD speech, do imply that something is going on behind the scenes. Obama continued his speech by saying: “You all look great. The end of the Republic has never looked better.” The end of the republic? Which republic? The republic of the United States incorporated? Or is it an implication to the end of another republic?

Obama continued his talk: “I do apologize. I know I was a little late tonight. I was running on CPT” Does he imply he was running on drugs? Or should we have heard “I was running on Cpt. (Captain)” and what does this mean then? But to exhilarate his speech everything was wrapped up in a joke, and he continued by saying “…CPT… which stands for jokes that white people should not make.” The unsuspecting audience doubled up with laughter.

Around 3:20 minuted in the video below, again Obama made a remarkable comment. He looked back at his 8 years as president and compared his earlier looks with his present looks. “Eight years ago, I was a young man full of idealism and vigor. And look at me now, I am gray, grizzled and just counting down the days to my death panel.”

Despite this Obama kept his crowd laughing and read the rest of his speech, which was by no doubt prepared by an entire team in the weeks prior to the dinner. Around 23:45 minutes a funny video in MTV style was shown about the departure of the president. At 24:30 minutes there is a scene where the president makes a phone call in search for a job for after his resignation. He calls the Washington Lizards and asked them whether they need a coach. Around 25 minutes there is another peculiar fragment in the video. Obama makes a selfie with Michelle’s phone, using the app Snapchat, which allows you to morph your portrait into another creature. Interestingly enough Obama is shown as a shape-shifter with a clear resemblance to scenes in the (disclosure) movie They Live.

They Live was a movie that was more a disclosure documentary rather than fiction. In the movie the main character discovers that when people look at the elite through specific glasses, they discover that they are a different species.

At the end of the speech (32:25 minutes in the Youtube-video) Obama says: “With that I just have two more words to say: Obama out.” He then makes a Freemason hand gesture with two fingers on his lips while he drops the microphone with his other. This Freemason symbol means ‘it is my duty to keep the secret’. It is also a sign to other members of the secret society to remain silent. I interpret the dropped microphone as a sign ‘I will make no public announcement’.


According to Neil Keenan’s sources Obama had not returned to the White House since and no longer lives there. To keep up appearances he pretends he is still commander-in-chief although he will solely remain the spokesperson. Allegedly the real person in charge is General Dunford. However, it is the intent to keep things ‘business as usual’ for the outside world, while General Dunford is in charge of the Republic until the presidential elections have taken place.

The claim that Dunford is in charge is contradicted by Thomas Williams, who together with Drake Bailey presents the weekly Cosmic Voice radio show. He says about the alleged take over: “General Dunford is like the Magic Man, he seems to appear in all kinds of events, but nothing ever comes off of it. On the Cosmic Voice Facebook page Thomas Williams wrote: “keep hearing for over 12 months that Dunford is doing this and that with zero evidence of any of it.”

It is remarkable that Drake Bailey, with his many contacts at the Pentagon and American army, cannot confirm Neil Keenan’s claim. As this is confusing enough in itself, the big question remains why was this information leaked to Neil’s team and not shared by Drake’s sources? Is it deliberate dis-info disclosed to Group-K (Keenan’s team), and if so, what is the hidden agenda?

According to Thomas Williams there is raging a fierce inner battle between the various factions of the Illuminati behind the scenes. He thinks that the story that Neil Keenan has brought out is the script of the Asian faction who think they can become the new NWO (New World Order). Given all the debts that the US has with the Chinese, could it be possible that Obama is put under pressure and might have changed sides, perhaps the side of the Asian Cabal? Let’s not forget that April 30th is an occult date with great importance to the Satanists, so why was this specific date chosen for the alleged power transfer?

For now, the claims about the power transfer and Obama’s speech raise more questions than it clears things up. One thing is clear though, things do not quite look like ‘business as usual’ due to another significant fact. Obama has signed a premature Executive Order (Facilitation of a Presidential Transition) on May 6th to transfer his control, something that normally would take place after the presidential elections. So who did he transfer his control to?


The exact meaning of the recent events will get clear as more information will come out. That something is brewing is one thing that is for sure.

Ella Ster*

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