Who has been following Ella Ster for a number of years, knows that in 2014 she has been particularly active to expose the crimes in regards to paedophilia and ritual abuse that were revealed by the ITCCS (International Tribunal into Crimes of Church and State). As these were directly related to the Dutch royals it is important to bring this to the attention again. Below you can read my personal account on how I got on the trail of these crimes and my deep motivation and drive to expose them.

Nederlandse versie

One of the most profound moments in my awakening process was the moment I was contemplating about the state of the world in broad daylight and ‘woke up’ with a shock and the realization I had a task to do. You can call it a life mission. It was one of those aha-moments where I had goose bumps all over my body. I simply knew that I was born with the mission to come into action at a certain time. And that time was now. The funny thing was that I had no idea what exactly I was supposed to do and how. But soon after this became clear to me.

My entire life, but particularly during puberty, I have had reoccurring dreams, about me being in a war situation and being part of a resistance movement. It was not a classical war with tanks and bombings, but it nevertheless posed an enormous threat. In those dreams I had a mission to fight for freedom and justice against a strong, but invisible force. After I had become increasingly aware of the New World Order and the global attack on humanity during my ‘awakening process’, at once the symbolism and feelings from those dreams became very concrete.

I had barely recovered from the shock that concentration camps, the so called FEMA camps, had been built in the US. I had found out a new holocaust had been planned and I knew: “the Nazis are back.” I had to do ‘something’, it was not an option to stand idly by. But what exactly that ‘something’ was, was not yet clear to meSill I decided to keep things close to myself and do something with my experience within the field of communication. I decided to set out a question ‘into the universe’ with the confidence that I would be on the right track soon after.

I had broken the ties with my catholic background at a very young age because I always felt that something was not right about the institute of the catholic church. To me it was the exact opposite of what it claimed to be, so I did not know which religious rituals I could use to get in touch with the ‘Divine Source’. Despite my interest and faith in spirituality, I have also kept myself aloof from the New Age Movement, as I felt this was a new religion. And religion was something to distrust. So lacking spiritual rituals, in a somewhat clumsy way I asked the question to the universal Source what my task would be: “I am available, show me the way and I will fulfil my task.”… something like that.

If people think about a spiritual mission, they often associate this with love and light. But by focussing solely on the pretty side of life, or completely shut out the dark side by meditation, does not solve the misery in the world. I therefore saw my mission to mainly expose this dark side. These dark practices can only exist in the predicament of secrecy. By exposing them the first step is made to solve the problem.

Not long after that I got on the track of Kevin Annett and the ITCCS, the International Tribunal into Crimes of Church and State. Trough this new installed Common Law court the most heinous crimes that the Vatican, the catholic church and the West European royals (particularly the British and Dutch royals) had committed were exposed. Shocking testimonies were made. Testimonies of crimes so incredibly repulsive that they exceed your imagination by far.

There were reports of large scale paedophile networks and paedophile parties in which the political top participated. There were stories about satanic rituals where children were tortured, raped and killed. There were testimonies about human hunting parties where the royal families went hunting for completely nude kids and teenagers who ran for their lives in the forests around the Dutch and Belgium palaces.

I heard of satanic rituals that are mandatory for popes and other high officials within the Vatican, documented in the document ‘Magisterial Privilege’The witness statements about large scale abuse and genocide of the native Indians in Canadian orphanages, committed by the catholic church, confirmed my hunch I’ve always had about the catholic church – the institute is no good.

Magisterial Privilege

Quote by the ITCCS:
“The Court has also received evidence that the Ninth Circle cult is referred to in Vatican documents which describe how the participation of every new Pope in the Ninth Circle cult is mandatory for their assumption of office. The alleged documents refer to the cultist rituals as “The Magisterial Privilege” that involves the ceremonial killing of newborn children and the consumption of their blood at Circle rituals.”

To make things clear, I myself have never been a victim of (sexual) abuse, neither by the church nor elsewhere. So I do not carry that emotional burden. But who could better bring out these stories than an ex-catholic, someone who had broken the spiritual ties with the church a long time ago?

Thereby I was also not attached to the royal family. Before I ‘awoke’ I had always given the royal family the benefit of the doubt. Although the monarchy was a strange feudal construct that was in conflict with democracy. At the time I thought the monarchy must be beneficial in some way. Furthermore the royals seemed nice people. However, now I had found out in which monstrous crimes these royals where involved, I decided: “Now they are finished!”

From that moment on I took on the task to bring out the findings of the ITCCS and particularly expose the crimes committed by the Dutch royals. The stories that came out through the witnesses were pretty sickening. You needed a strong stomach to listen to these nauseating stories. Despite this, it is crucial that these stories are no longer kept hidden.

Dutch people need to know who their head of state is (or has been) and what the political top perpetrate on their satanic paedophile parties. Therefore the “I do not want to know” and sticking your head in the sand is no option. After all, it is the most vulnerable that become victim of these practices: babies, children and juvenile delinquents. Precisely for this group, as they can not stand up for themselves, people should step into the breach.

For this reason in a series of articles I will elaborate on these testimonies about paedophile networks and ritual abuse, that have been exposed through the ITCCS and other sources.

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