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Who is Kevin Annett?

Kevin Annett is the driving force and the face of the ITCCS, the International Tribunal into Crimes of Church and State, an international court of law located in Brussels which rules based on Common Law.

Kevin is a Canadian minister who has dedicated decades of his life to stand up for the native Canadian Indians who have been subjected to systematic abuse, assault and genocide for generations. These crimes were mainly orchestrated by the catholic church. The British and Dutch royal families also played a role in this.

At a certain moment Kevin came into contact with an Irish protest group of victims, who were abused by the catholic church in Ireland. Together with this protest group they decided to found the ITCCS in 2010. The original organisation was composed of similar protest groups from Ireland, England, the United States, Canada and Italy.

What is the objective of the ITCCS?

The ITCCS is founded to unite the world wide survivors of genocide and child molestation practices, especially those committed by church and state. Moreover they want to be a catalyst for a political, spiritual and legal movement to dismantle the Vatican and other churches and governments involved in these crimes, because they are responsible for the ongoing crimes against children and humanity.

The International Common Law Court of Justice

In September 2012 the ITCCS established a legal branch, the ICLCJ (International Common Law Court of Justice). The ICLCJ consists of legal advisors and lawyers from Belgium, England and the United States. By September 2013, the organization had spread to twenty six countries and over fifty affiliated groups.

In February 2013 former popes Benedict and Joseph Ratzinger were prosecuted and eventually convicted for their crimes against humanity. Including child trafficking and the aid and protection of child raping priests.

Also the British queen Elizabeth Windsor, Canadian prime minister Harper and 27 other officials of church and state were prosecuted and convicted in absence. The ITCCS is the first court in history to bring judgment against the Vatican and the Crown of England as institutions. Soon after their prosecution by the ICLCJ pope Benedict and Cardinal Tarcisio Bertone resigned as a result.

How did the Common Law court operate?

The head quarter of the ITCCS was officially registered in Brussels, but this was likely nothing more than a mail address. Kevin Annett never revealed where the court hearings had taken place or which judges and jury members had been involved. His defence is that this information would jeopardize the lives of those involved. Based on an interview that Kevin gave with people involved with the foundation of the Dutch branch of the ITCCS (the Volkstribunaal) years ago, I concluded that they mainly used Skype or another type of online conference media. Also the Common Law movement in the United States of America operates this way, whenever they are denied access to the public courts.

On the web page Common Law Community Training Manual of the ITCCS-website you can read more about the legal system and procedures regarding the Common Law courts.

What is the Dutch link?

After Kevin got in touch with the Dutch witness Toos Nijenhuis, incredibly shocking testimonies came out about severe abuse by catholic priests, prince Bernhard (husband of queen Juliana and founder of the Bilderberg Group) and former pope Joseph Ratzinger, amongst others.

Later-on a second Dutch key witness, Anne Marie van Blijenburgh, also testified about paedophile parties, torture and killings of children and juveniles, whereby the Dutch Crown and political top had been involved, including prime minster Mark Rutte. According to this witness former Queen Beatrix had played a major role in these crimes. According to Blijenburgh there is a direct link between Marc Dutroux, Robert Mikelson (a convicted paedophile that molested dozens of babies and toddlers at a Dutch daycare centre) and the Dutch and Belgium royals. She also told about mass graves where the children’s corpses were dumped.

These ritual killings did not only happen during Beatrix’ reign, but also took place over a 70 year period and even goes back as far as the Second World War when the Dutch royal family had fled to Canada and participated in Ninth Circle rituals on the  Mohawk Indian school.

Documentation introduced to the ITCCS* indicates that, to assist and conceal such involvement of Dutch ‘royals’ in these cult killings, the Canadian government and Privy Council Office in London granted “extra-territorial exemption” to the Dutch royals from all criminal, civil and military jurisdiction while in Canada. (* The Canada Gazette, Issue No. 232, December 26, 1942, Ottawa)

One of the Dutch royal participants in the rape and murder of Mohawk children and newborns was prince consort Hendrik van Mecklenburg-Schwerin, husband of queen Wilhelmina (grand mother of queen Beatrix). Also prince Bernhard (Beatrix’ father) was mentioned as one of the avid participants at the sadistic torture and murder practises that took place in the Netherlands later-on.

Is the ITCCS a legitimate initiative or a farce created by the Vatican?

To me Kevin Annett comes across as a sincere man on a spiritual mission to correct the grave injustices in the world — particularly the abuse of the weak, namely children and the suppressed native people. His drive and mission goes way beyond the legal aspect. He is primarily involved in accelerating an awareness process. By pointing out rights that people naturally have, averse to authority or hierarchy. By encouraging people to reclaim these rights he empowers that awareness process and the freedom movement that is taking place world wide.

Nothing indicates that the battle he is fighting for decades has just been a play staged for appearances only. That could easily have been the strategy by the Vatican and royals in order to identify potential witnesses and eliminate them.

Also, it is not inconceivable that Kevin and the ITCCS has been used and piggy backed by the American Nazi-Zionists to expose the crimes committed by the Vatican and West-European royals, in order to take away their power. It is somewhat suspicious that barely any crimes have been exposed about the paedophile networks in Washington DC and the rapings and satanic rituals during the Bohemian Grove conference. But that also depends on the witnesses that came forward and in that sense it is only a matter of time, because ultimately all these paedophile networks worldwide are interconnected.

In any case it has to be taken into consideration that the Cabal is master in infiltrating organizations set up out of genuine idealism, in order to use them for their own gain. Despite the fact that I give Kevin Annett himself the benefit of the doubt and think he acts from an intrinsic motivation, it can not be ruled out that the Vatican has infiltrated the ITCCS trough their agents, in order to bring the movement down when it’s at its peak.

Why was Kevin Annett discredited?

Through Alfred Webre, Kevin had a steady platform to share his findings on a regular bases. By frequent interviews he was able to publicize the progress the ITCCS made. However, by the end of 2014, Alfred Webre dropped Kevin like a rock. Alfred accused Kevin that the ITCCS court had never existed and that the alleged lawsuit against the Vatican and British queen had never taken place. Furthermore Alfred insinuated that Kevin operated alone like the Wizard of Oz while pretending to be part of a large organization instead.

Despite the accusation Kevin denied Alfred the names of the involved judges, prosecutors or jury members, and even denied him to get in touch with them for an anonymized interview. He was too concerned they would loose their anonymity which would endanger their lives. Alfred thereafter broke all ties with Kevin, smeared his reputation and even discredited the entire ITCCS including all witnesses. It was particularly by the latter that discredited Alfred himself.

It seems very unlikely that Kevin has operated solely all this time, even though he might have presented things more grand than they really were. His refusal to reveal the people involved with the court might have had to do with hardcore agreements he made not to do so. Kevin does not seem the type of person to break those kind of promises.

Smear and slander campaign against Kevin Annett and the ITCCS

Kevin had been the ‘victim’ of a smear and slander campaign for years in order to smear him through blogs and various Youtube clips especially put up for this sole purpose. Including several ‘testimonies’ of ex-girlfriends that claimed Kevin had not been such a faithful lover…really?…Who cares?

Despite all this, the slander campaign was not very effective and Kevin kept cruising on with his mission. Something bigger was needed to create sufficient damage to the ITCCS. By no doubt this plan for sabotage had been in the works for years and one had to only await for the decisive moment.

The failed attempts to bring Kevin down

When the ITCCS gained more and more momentum, the end of 2014 apparently was the right moment for the ‘final’ blow. This was in my opinion the break with Alfred Webre and his smear campaign. A significant aspect is the fact that Alfred had revealed he has a Jesuit background and a family member which held a high position within the Vatican. Obviously Alfred claimed he broke with the Jesuits. But who knows he might still play a similar role like Alex Jones, who has a Zionist background and still seems to be ‘part of that club’.

The break and smear campaign did have an effect. It created doubt, also with me and by no doubt caused people to turn away. Kevin withdrew himself and started to write two novels, kind of autobiographies with fictional characters. Many goals of the ITCCS remained on the shelf, indictments against new suspects were hold off, investigations were put on hold, et cetera.

The focus that was once addressed to crimes committed by heads of state on the European continent moved away to crimes related to the Canadian native people and independence movement there. The group in Europe that used to work with Kevin did not continue their work, or at least did not give it much publicity.

Why were the pope and queen Elizabeth never arrested?

In the meanwhile worldwide a growing group of people had become aware of the horrific crimes the pope and other high profile people within the Vatican and British and Dutch royals had committed. Nevertheless their position seemed (for the time being) invincible, despite the fact that the legal indictments and convictions were nevertheless legitimate and well-founded.

Despite the absence of arrests all the guilty have become ‘refugees’ since their convictions. Refugees that are trying to escape their penalty and are hiding in their palaces. For their safety they are completely dependent on ‘puppets’ around them who up to this day keep them protected. If this layer of defence gets lost it does not look very promising for these so called ‘invincibles’.

However, warrants of arrest were certainly issued and even attempts to arrest the pope and queen Elizabeth during her visit to Rome were made. This citizen’s arrest could not be carried out because pope Francis as well as queen Elizabeth were protected by the Italian National police. The question remains for how long they will still be protected.

The future of the ITCCS

Despite the break with Alfred, the smear campaign, threats and sabotage attempts, Kevin Annett simply has carried on with his work to bring the crimes committed by church and state to the surface. If Kevin indeed acts based on integrity and is on a personal spiritual mission, and it sure looks like that, he will be protected and supported by a higher force. In that case not any setback will deter him from his mission. In that respect it is people like Kevin that are truly invincible. The Cabal knows this and it must be a frightening thought to them.

The panic of the Cabal is already visible here and there. Recently a statement was made by a Canadian bishop that had stated children were not allowed to be alone with catholic priests anymore. How clearly do you want a confession of guilt to be? Also  a memo that had circulated within the Canadian government to imprison or ‘eliminate’ witnesses of the crimes ITCCS investigated was recently leaked and is now in the hands of the ITCCS prosecutor. The Cabal is vulnerable and as Kevin stated it: “They know they are guilty.”

Eventually the truth regarding their crimes will be known to the general public and justice will prevail. When witnesses will come out and testify trough the main media channels, many more witnesses will step forward that now keep quiet because of fear. It is therefore very interesting to see how this game will be played out.

Whether the elite ultimately will be prosecuted through the ITCCS or another court is unsure, but a Common Law court offers the best guaranty for a legitimate and honest trial. I do think it is of great importance that these trials take place in full public. Preferably through live TV. Not just for the sake of transparency, but also as a form of disclosure where humanity as well as the elite can draw lessons from. Because the crimes that the ITCCS has revealed, should never ever occur in the future again.

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