Since Monday my Facebook account got blocked. This happened before, but it is unclear at this point whether I’ll be able to get access again. The question is, why has this happened? Is this related to the critical articles I write? Is this a direct attack on the alternative and independent media?

As most followers know, I write under a pseudonym. As Facebook is a surveillance tool of the NSA, they do not appreciate any situation that does not provide them with full access to personal data. To get access to this personal data, they set up algorithms to spot any inconsistency in the data they collect elsewhere. If the system detects inconsistencies, the algorithms sends out an alarm that triggers an automated control procedure. When confronted with such a control procedure yesterday, my answers probably did not match within the matrix, so I got stuck in what seemed like an automated procedure operated by an AI. The next day I received messages of my friends telling me my Facebook page had disappeared.

Whether the Facebook block is the result of such an automated process, or a targeted attack on ‘independent news’ is unclear at this point. I wouldn’t be surprised if I ended up on a ‘black list’ and the blocking of my account is a deliberate action. They know only too well that social media is used to spread alternative and independent news and in a desperate attempt they try to prevent that we’ll become a serious threat to the Main Stream Media.

In the last couple of months I posted a great number of articles about topics that the current power elite rather does not want to have exposed. One of the last Facebook posts I put up, was the announcement of an important disclosure event, where ET contact in the north of the Netherlands will be exposed. As a result the organizer of the event had to endure many technical interferences and sabotage attempts. So is it a coincidence that my account got blocked and wiped of the internet shortly after? Perhaps, but perhaps not.

I regret that I am kind of disconnected and no longer have access to certain Facebook groups. Yet people can still contact me trough the mail (, my blog and Telegram, also under the name Ella Ster.

For now, I leave Facebook for what it is. I do not feel inclined to follow orders by the NSA and give access to more personal data. I will not play this game, their game, for now.

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  1. Omdat jullie hoe het werkelijk zit en dat vind de elite blijkbaar niet fijn. De elite ons dom houden

  2. De elite willen niet dat het gewone volk weten wat er achter de schermen gebeurd. Ze willen de macht hebben over iedereen.