When people are confronted with stories of satanic rituals they tend to look and turn away. It is due to feeling repulse and powerless. But because we are creator beings, we can join forces and use our power of mind to end the most repulsive in a spiritual way as well. End of April the Cabal has planned a number of satanic rituals. Therefore I would like to make a worldwide appeal to participate in the guided meditation below, in order to change the energy field around the planned locations for ever.

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This visualization exercise or guided meditation is created due to a message the ITCCS issued about the planned Nine Circle rituals that are supposed to take place worldwide around April 30th.

Put yourself in a relaxed position and for a few minutes take long deep breaths. Then affirm the intention that you, from your inner willpower and mental power, want to make a change and support all activities aimed at ending satanic ritual abuse.

Light on places of darkness

In your mind imagine a world map and place a burning candle on each of the locations: Rome, Montreal, Washington DC, London, Paris, Brussels, Geneva, Frankfurt and Tara, Ireland. Imagine that all these places are flooded by a penetrable light of love and pureness, that dissolves all evil, so it can no longer exist.

The Jesuit San Lorenzo church in Rome.

In your mind zoom into the religious venues where the satanic rituals are supposed to take place, for instance the Jesuit San Lorenzo church in Rome. Affirm the intent that this visualization is automatically shifted to the correct locations that the Cabal have in mind. Visualize an enormous circle of people around these buildings that hold each others hand and send loving, purifying energy to these places.

Then send again an enormous impulse of light to these locations. The energy that floods these venues penetrates through walls and floors, is extremely purifying and so strong that only loving creatures with the right intentions can maintain themselves within it. Everything that is not pure or blatantly evil can no longer exist in these places. Visualize that locks burst open, doors unlock, windows open up and every crack is flooded with the purifying light.

Liberate the children

The children that are being kept there, are now liberated. In your mind put a warm blanket and arm around them when they are guided outside. There they are embraced by the warm sunlight. Send loving, healing and protective energy to these children.

In your mind now go to the near future, to a beautiful garden, full of beautiful delicious scented flowers and fruit trees, where birds and butterflies are fluttering merrily. Imagine these children amid this lovely garden, where they stretch their arms and catch the sunlight that is shining on their face. The children twirl and rollick in the grass, happy, laughing and totally relaxed. They are free! And in total freedom and safety they play in the garden.

Some children take care of the horses and make horse rides in the nearby meadow. Other children swim with dolphins close to a nearby beach. The animals have a beneficial and healing effect on the children and give them confidence and a feeling of self-worth.

The curtain drops, the final act

In your mind go back to the places where the satanic rituals have taken place in the past. Visualize that these buildings are barricaded by the police. You see crime scene investigators investigating the site and taking samples out of the buildings. In front of the buildings news reporters are reporting in front of the camera what took place here. The curtain has dropped, the secrets are out in the open. The whole world is watching.

Visualize an enormous amount of flowers, stuffed animals and candles in front of these buildings. These places are again encircled by people that hold each other’s hand. Everyone is aware what took place inside and makes an internal and indomitable decision that this is never allowed to happen again.

This power of thought is taking place world wide. On all places a strong energetic shift is taking place, whereby the dark evil forces that were, can no longer be there. The satanic rituals could only take place on the condition of strict secrecy and now everyone is informed and aware, it can no longer exist. Collectively the decision is made to stop these insane rituals and a shift in the collective consciousness has taken place.

Memorial day

In your mind go forward a couple of years in the future. Each year on April 30th and May 1st the victims of ritual abuse are commemorated. In the early morning of May 1st, just before the sun rises, large groups of people go to the beach or other open spaces in nature. This is taking place worldwide.

All children light up a Chinese lantern. For each victim one lantern. The amount of lights that appear on the still half dark sky is disconcerting. A dizzying number of lights twinkle in the dark sky in a fairy tale fashion, to then follow their own destiny.

Again people stand hand in hand to look at the lights. While they gaze at the last lights that disappear at the ever lighter sky, the sun finally rises. The powerful fireball reflects in the water and the first sunbeams light up the sky. The sun rises higher and higher and it gets lighter and lighter. A new day has come, the symbol of a new age of love and light.

You can use this visualization as a source of inspiration and alter it as you feel guided. It all comes down to energetic force, to stop the satanic practices against children and replace the evil energy by a loving and healing force.

If you are part of a meditation group you might do this meditation together. The more people join, the more powerful it is. Namaste.

Ella Ster*  |  source: ellaster.nl

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