Behind the scenes a fierce battle is raging at the top of the pyramid. In the power games between rivalling factions of the Illuminati, a dirty game is played, where people are deployed like sacrificial lambs. The underlying motives are related to geopolitical events and power shifts particularly in the financial world. By putting the facts straight possible motives get clear. By deciphering the symbolism that is hidden within the Las Vegas shooting, it becomes clear which coded message was sent out through the attack.

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The motives for creating a false flag attack

There are two types of false flag attacks. The first kind is the attack where the true perpetrator remains hidden. For example the assassination on John F. Kennedy, whereby the true killer was another group than the patsy that got the blame. Or the murder of Antonin Scalia, that officially died of natural causes in his sleep, but according to insiders in reality was killed.

In the second type of false flag attack an event is created for the purpose of implementing a hidden agenda. For example 9/11 was the excuse for the introduction of reinforced control measures and the implementation of the Patriot Act. False flags are also used to distract from another big event, like a large scale money transport.

The Las Vegas attack was by no doubt also a false flag attack. There are several clues and witnesses that indicate that there were plural shooters. Witnesses even report the presence of SWAT-teams at another hotel at ±1,2 miles of the Mandalay Bay hotel, where also countless people were shot. Furthermore a video has surfaced where the air traffic control of Las Vegas airport mentions plural shooters on the runway.

Witnesses also report of shots being fired from helicopters, which can also be seen in this short video and this longer video that presents a thorough analysis of the presence of 4 combat helicopters. In any case, the facts in regards to the Las Vegas attack shoot many holes in the official narrative.

The unravelling of the Las Vegas attack

In the past weeks Kerry Cassidy spend much attention to the unravelling of the attack and spoke to investigative journalists like James Fetzer, Scott Bennett and Ole Dammegard. However the interview with White Hat Paladin offers and interesting perspective that also addresses the motives behind the attack on a deeper level. (E*: A White Hat is someone that typically works for a government agency, mostly one of the alphabet agencies like: CIA, FBI, NSA or the Pentagon, but secretly undermines the Cabal. You could also call it a secret resistance warrior) The White Hat that calls himself Paladin (a pseudonym) is a private investigator. In the interview with Kerry they unravel many things regarding the Las Vegas attack that do not add up to the official storyline.

Also numerology plays a significant role. The date of the attack was October 1st  2017: 10/1/2017. In numerology numbers are added up and results in the number sequence: 1-1-1. Furthermore the numbers 32 and 33 refer to the Free Masons, 322 to Skull & Bones and the number 13 to the Satanists. [around 1:25:10 in the video]

Kerry Cassidy writes in this article: “While ‘we the people’ are sitting ducks when we don’t recognize the historical significance of the Illuminati symbolism behind each calculated attack.  It is worth noting that the latest weather war hurricanes; Irma, Harvey and the last one in that trio were further reminders that there is an ongoing war happening on our shores.  Years ago Camelot was told that 2017 was to be the final date for the showdown related to the currency reset as this year nears its end and we might keep this in mind as the financial war deepens.”

Financial reset

George Soros (or the organisation behind him) has traded with the pre-knowledge that MGM’s shares (MGM is the owner of the Mandalay Bay hotel) would drastically drop after the attack. He gained millions as a result. The same phenomenon could be witnessed at 9/11. But there is another remarkable similarity with 9/11.

Kerry Cassidy suspects that possibly a financial transaction or large scale money transport took place during the attack. The negotiations around the currency reset, like the dinar, take place in Las Vegas and Reno. The Bitcoin is rising astronomically and there are a lot of renewed activities around the digital currencies. Kerry thinks there is a connection between the British side of the Illuminati that wants to make a point through this attack, to get the American side in line. It has to do with the financial power in the centre where the currency negotiations take place. [listen to the video at 1:28:00]

Are large sums of money smuggled out?

Kerry thinks that possibly a scenario took place comparable with 9/11, where right before the attacks large amounts of gold in the vaults under the WTC were smuggled out. This gold had to be shipped back on September 12th 2001 (the day after 9/11) to the Asian Dragon family. Kerry points out that in the Las Vegas attack the dragon symbolism plays a role as well. She also can’t rule out that large amounts of money were smuggled away from the basement of the Mandalay Bay hotel.

We are at the threshold of a financial reset that might be delayed because of this financial transaction. Possible the name of the hotel contains a hidden message: Man-dalay, like in  ‘man delay’.

According to Paladin Las Vegas is the largest money laundering practises in the US because of the large quantities of money that casinos deal with. The storage and counting of the cash all happens below the surface and underneath the city seems to be an entire underground network. The hypothesis of a secret money transport that happened at the same time like the shooting is therefore very plausible according to Paladin. In that case the shooting above the ground were a fantastic distraction to the scheme. [listen to the video at 1.33.00]

Disarm Americans

Right after the attacks the need for gun control in the US was immediately discussed. By creating an extreme scenario and storyline — whereby someone with 10 automatic guns shoots at a crowd of people — more people are open to the idea to limit the possession of weapons. But Kerry thinks this will never happen:  “Americans are not that stupid. They will never give up their guns. It doesn’t matter how hard you hit them. In fact, the harder you hit them the more they will realise they need the guns to defend themselves.” [listen to the video at 1.44.00]

The faction war is played out in the public domain

The original plan of the Illuminati bloodlines was to crash the dollar and introduce a New World Order, but that plan fell apart. Right now we are witnessing an enormous power shift on the world stage. The petrodollar looses its power, the rise and demand of new energy forms are a threat to the oil industry in the Middle East. The Chinese are getting more and more power in America, because of the ever rising debts they’re obtaining more land, infrastructure and utilities in the US.

Nevertheless the US has been always under the control of European bloodlines, but there are also American groups that want to free themselves from this control, like the American Navy. Then there is an Asian group that wants to obtain the financial power, like the Dragon family and the Asian White Dragon Group that probably does work on behalf of humanity.

There are many signs that big changes are coming. For example all disclosure by the FBI, CIA agents that leak their secrets, emails that are leaked, sexual abuse scandals that are exposed, etc. — all have to do with the internal power struggle that is now taking place behind the scenes. [listen to the video at 1.53.17]

The power shift as a result is obviously not fun for the groups that are loosing their power. The recent attack in Las Vegas needs to be seen in this light, whereby the old power, the British faction of the Illuminati sent a coded message to the world.

Human lives do not count for the Cabal

For many people it is hard to understand that the Cabal can work together on one level and kill one another. Kerry explains: “The collateral damage does not affect them. The collateral damage that’s us, it’s the masses. To them the masses don’t matter.” It’s all about what they want to tell each other and the symbolism hidden within the attack. A false flag attack for them is nothing more than a play with a coded message that is played out in the public domain. A live chess play with people that get sacrificed as pawns.

The locations, specific places, monuments, buildings and names are not chosen randomly. The hidden symbolism is always a link to a coded message. Not only the message of the event itself, but also in the pre-announcement of the planned attack. So what was the hidden message in the Las Vegas attack? [listen tot the video at 1.43.00]

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In this interview Kerry Cassidy discusses many aspects around the Las Vegas attack with White Hat Paladin. Starting at 1:25:00 in the video they elaborate on the hidden message and motivation behind the attack.

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