Just a few days before the Las Vegas attack when bullets were shot from the Mandalay Bay hotel, a British politician read the poem ‘Mandalay’ during a state visit to the former British colony Burma. The symbolism hidden in the attack refers to the British rule as well as the Asian dragon. Both the dragon as lion symbolism can be found in the attack and refer to various factions within the Illuminati. By placing the symbolic message in the context of geopolitical events, it becomes clear that there is an enormous power shift going on behind the scenes.

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> Continuation of part 1: The motives for the Las Vegas attack

British politician refers to colonial rule

Rudyard Kipling was a English poet in the colonial time of the British East Indian Company. He was the writer of the poem ‘Mandalay’. By ‘coincidence’ it was exactly this poem that was recited by the British politician Boris Johnson during a recent state visit to the former British colony Burma, now called Myanmar. This state visit took place just prior to the attack in Las Vegas. The capital of Myanmar is also called Mandalay.

The poem Mandalay refers to the British colonial time and world wide dominance. Even the newspaper the Guardian writes: “Coincidences don’t get queasier” given the context of the recent Las Vegas attack where bullets were shot from the Mandalay Bay hotel.

While the British politician visits a temple in Myanmar he reads fragments of Kipling’s poem ‘Mandalay’. The poem is piled with nostalgia for the time of British rule. The British ambassador intervenes and says: “You’re on mic. (…) This is probably not a good idea.” “What? The Road to Mandalay?”, asks Johnson. “No”, answers the ambassador. “It is not appropriate.”

Watch the short video clip for yourself: “No appropriate”;  Boris Johnson recites Kipling’s poem in Myanmar temple

After minister Johnson recited ‘Mandalay’, a few days later bullets were fired from Mandalay Bay Hotel 

According to Kerry Cassidy the choice for the Mandalay Bay hotel as the key location for the bloody attack is not coincidental and determined by it’s hidden symbolism. She thinks it is a message from the British faction of the Illuminati that is at war with other factions. The reciting of the inappropriate colonial poem ‘Mandalay’ seems to confirm this hypothesis.

Just like 9/11 was used as a distraction manoeuvre to prevent a gigantic financial transaction from the west to Asia and to hide the theft of large amounts of gold from the WTC vaults, we see an Asian connection within the Las Vegas attack as well. The message from the British Cabal speaks volumes, claiming back their dominance.

How the west got hold of the financial power

The largest amount of the worldwide gold reserve (85%) has ended up in Asia through the trade along the silk road. In the 19th century the European Illuminati conspired a plan to get hold of this gold again. In the years 1934-1938 a total of 7 tanker ships full of gold bars were shipped from Asia to the US. A small part of this total gold reserve has been stored at the Federal Reserve Bank since.

The gold that was shipped from Asia to the US in the 30’s, was lend out for a period of 60 years. In return for this gold the Asian Dragon families received Federal Reserve bonds. The term for the loan ended in 1994 and Asia demanded their gold to be returned back. Because the Federal Reserve did not want to return back the gold the Dragon family filed a claim in the civil division of the World Court in The Hague. The trial took place behind closed doors and when the Dragon family won the case, the Federal Reserve Bank was obligated to return 200,000 tons of gold. The deadline that the Americans had to return this gold was on September 12, 2001, the day after 9/11!

9/11 was about 200,000 tons of gold

The gold was stored in the vault beneath the WTC-complex and is miraculously disappeared since the attacks. Cantor Fitzgerald Securities the shipping company that arranged all the insurance and transport papers was located in the World Trade Center. All 658 employees were killed in the attack and all documents have been destroyed. The Treasury Police was located in WTC-7 and when this building collapsed as well their archive was destroyed as well. The message to the Dragon family was clear, they had no intention to return the gold. Read this article about the background of the trillion dollar lawsuit which clearly outlines these power relations. Read in this article about the gold theft out of the WTC vault. The story about the trillion dollar lawsuit gives a better understanding how these events on 9/11 are possibly related to the recent events in Las Vegas. Also in Las Vegas there might have been a secret financial transaction or money transport. Witnesses claim that there was a shooting at the airport as well. Was there a clandestine transportation going on?

China acquires more and more financial power

Despite the fact that the financial power became under western control, over the past few decades China has gained more power. While the national debt of the US raised higher and higher and they had to borrow more money from the Chinese and China obtained more and more American resources over time. In the meanwhile the Asian market blossomed, particularly the Chinese economy. China was able to do more and more investments, also abroad. One of the countries where China invested in is Myanmar, formerly known as Burma.

The west coast of Myanmar is rich in oil. After the enormous oil reserves were discovered China started in 2004 with the construction of pipelines. China made big investments in that region. Since 2013 the unrest in the region began. At the end of August 2017, there was a resurgence in violent conflict between Muslim extremists and Buddhists in Myanmar. According to Dmitri Mosjakov this conflict is encouraged by external players. He tells Russian Today: “First of all this is a game against China, because China made big investments in the region. Second it is meant to nourish Muslim extremism in South East Asia en third it is an attempt to polarize ASEAN (Association of Southeast Asian Nations).” According to him the conflict is used by external players to undermine the stability in South East Asia. By destabilizing Myanmar the Chinese energy projects can be thwarted

From 2013 onwards the Burma Task Force is operational in Myanmar, compiled of a number of organisations financed by George Soros. In a 2003 document of the infamous Council on Foreign Relations (CFR) titled Burma: Time For Change it is stated that ‘democracy in Burma can not survive without the help of the US and the international community’. In the meantime the country is heavily destabilized by the conflicts and the situation has led to a humanitarian disaster.*

Isn’t it remarkable that given the above context, the British state visit to Myanmar (Burma) seems to have a direct link to the Las Vegas attacks?

*) Sources: Nine for News and Russian Today

Las Vegas attack and the dragon symbolism

Besides the choice for the Mandalay Bay hotel and the link to the capital of Myanmar (Burma) because of the name, another symbolism is hidden, namely the dragon symbolism. Perhaps it refers to the Asian Dragon family, to Asia in general or specificity to China. The entrance of the hotel is flanked by two large dragon statues on a pedestal. The terrarium in the basement of the hotel accommodates a komodo dragon. An endangered animal species and an interesting addition to the collection of sea animals that can be seen in the Shark Reef aquarium beneath the hotel. When this rare animal was shipped to the Las Vegas Mandalay Bay in 2008 it was big news.

Komodo dragon in terrarium onder Mandalay hotel

Komodo dragons only live in one area of the world, namely in Indonesia, like on the islands of Komodo, Flores and a few surrounding islands. Indonesia is precisely the country from where Neil Keenan operates and manages the financial interests of the Dragon families. It was Neil Keenan that filed a claim against the Federal Reserve Bank end of 2011, his famous Trillion-dollar-lawsuit to claim back the gold of the Dragon family. Even though this lawsuit was withdrawn at that time and never filed again as Keenan had intended, this case has exposed the enormous corruption at the financial top.

Benjamin Fulford spokes person for the White Dragon Society tries to encourage people within the Pentagon and American military to arrest the American criminal Cabal. Could it be that the dragnet around the European/American Cabal is slowly closing in on them and that the attack should be seen as a message to the Asian Dragon groups?

Whether the message is directed to China or the Asian Dragon groups (not all and the same), fact is that the Chinese get a hold of more and more American assets. Furthermore China is also closely involved with the BRICS. The BRICS as a parallel financial system is a threat for the current system that is still dominated by the IMF and World-bank. Through the establishment of the NDB (New Development Bank) by the 5 BRICS countries, they like to create an alternative for the financial system that is dominated by the west. Thereby the financial and political power slowly but surely shifts from the west to the east.

The European lion versus the Asian dragon?

All this creates a fierce power battle behind the scenes that is sometimes played out on the public stage, like in the Las Vegas attacks. According to Kerry Cassidy this battle on the top is executed by symbolic gestures. In the Las Vegas shooting she notices the lion as well as the dragon symbolism, that both represent a different faction of the Illuminati. She points out the MGM lion, the owner of the Mandalay Bay hotel. Also the British coat of arms contains lion symbolism. The dragon is an important symbol in the Chinese culture.

Kerry Cassidy writes on her blog: “It’s important to keep in mind that like Boston’s false flag the British/European side is always ripe to remind the U.S. who is in charge. However, it looks like the message was somewhat purposely botched and over-the-top in part to make a fool of Trump and American surveillance culture. Trump lines up with the side of the Navy I believe, while Hillary, who was one of the first quoted raging on about gun control is working for the European Illuminati side.  Obviously keeping the American house in order is not an easy task and in coming days the whole Mandalay-Manchurian aka Sleeping Assassins will come to the fore in this war even more.”

A message to the Asian or Rothschild dragon?

The dragon symbolism is hidden in the dragons in and around the hotel. With the Chinese threat and the British state visit to an Asian country, this seems to be a message to the Asian faction. However we also need to consider that the dragons that are located at the entrance of the Mandalay Bay hotel, might also refer to the City of London. Also the coat of arms of the City of London contains dragons.

According to Thomas Williams the Rothschild are affiliated with the Chinese Elders. They rose to power after they borrowed 20 million dollar of the reptilian Dragon family / Dragon group in China. This happened already in the 16th century. Afterwards they stole Britain at the time of Waterloo around 1815. Through a scam the Rothschilds got hold over the City of London, that is now the financial centre in the world. For the past 200 years the Rothschilds were there in total control until they were ‘kicked out’.

De quote van Mayer Amchel Rothschild: “Give me control of a nation’s money supply, and I care not who makes its laws.”

According to Thomas Hillary is now trying to orchestrate a take over of the United Kingdom through the House of Lords, to thereby get the Rothschilds back in charge. Through a faction power game they’re trying tot bring the United Kingdom back in power in conjunction with the international terrorist group, also known as the knights of Malta. MI6 is also involved in this.

The House of Lords is trying to play up to the Chinese Elders, says Thomas. The reality is that the Rothschilds are in big trouble. When people again and again do not pay their bills, people can react very badly. [Listen to this fragment of the Truth, Honor & Integrity show of 10/26/2017, at 1:16:05 where this is explained.]

According to Thomas a part of the American top military and a faction within the Pentagon is following orders from this Rothschild clan. The promised and for ever postponed RV (revaluation) that would be used to pay their mercenaries, in reality never takes place. The result is that Rothschild’s ‘friends’ slowly but surely change into enemies. It is a power battle that is played out on American soil.

It is important to put this power struggle into the perspective of geopolitical events. It is important to connect the dots. Various events like alleged ‘natural disasters’, like the created hurricanes and forest fires, as well as the false flag attacks, are all related to a secret agenda that is being rolled out. Both Kerry Cassidy as well as Thomas Williams see these events as a sign of the internal battle within the Illuminati. Kerry points out that the US is under attack in this faction war in the onset to the financial reset.

How this symbolism hidden in each attack is exactly related is not always immediately clear. However the information about the hidden agendas will come out anyway. Kerry Cassidy says in her video podcast  “What is really going on?”: “We’re living in a time of truth, it is inevitable. (…) This is all going to be revealed and is coming forward now. (…) This is the time of the unveiling.”

Kerry believes that bringing out the truth is more important than anything else right now. She encourages insiders to bring out their story. Eventually the people that have protected the perpetrators of the attacks and fabricated natural disasters will be reveiled themselves. It is crucial (particularly for insiders) to choose the right side. [Listen at 1:30:00 in this video]

Kerry concludes her presentation with: “Serving humanity at this time is a worthwhile venture. Telling the truth… there is almost nothing as important. It is as important as your live, contrary to what a lot of people think. It is the reason for you live.”

Ella Ster* | source: ellaster.nl

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