What is the connection between the ITNJ and Eyes-Wide-Shut-type parties? These are elite sex parties with gorgeous women in lingerie or bare torso, Venetian masks, champagne and orgies in stately mansions. These sex parties for the ultra-rich seem like a glamorous world where one can indulge oneself without limits. Yet these elite clubs turn out to be interwoven with a dark underworld. The founder of a number of English secret clubs will surprise many.

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Sanctum and SNCTM

SNCTM is one of the most elite clubs in Beverly Hills. A simple membership costs $ 20,000 a year. But then you have to go to the ballot committee. For women, high requirements apply in terms of (maximum) age and appearance. An exclusive Dominus VIP membership costs $ 75,000 a year and a Violet Key Benefactors subscription costs $ 1 million for a lifelong membership. When you become a member, you must sign a blood contract. It is part of the initiation.

SNCTM organizes Illuminati sex parties for the very rich in Beverly Hills, but also in countless other cities in the world. The club exhibits all the characteristics of a Satanic cult, with masks, robes, Luciferian symbolism, MK Ultra sex slave programming and references to rituals. These are parties where everything is possible. People in bondage, women in cages, SM scenes, master-slave spectacles, references to blood transfusions. Looking for and crossing boundaries seems to be enormously arousing for the very rich.

SNCTM is one of the most exclusive sex clubs in Hollywood and displays all the characteristics of a cult, with Luciferian symbolism and references to MK-ultra sex slave programming and SM. You must not only be enormously rich, but also go through the ballot committee to be admitted. There are locations and events in the cities: Los Angeles, Las Vegas, Tokyo, Dubai, Lagos Nigeria, Bogota (Colombia), Rio de Janeiro, Chicago, New York, Miami, Cannes, Paris, London, Monterrey (Mexico), Kiev and recently also in Moscow and Ukraine.

The organization SNCTM was registered and (officially) founded by Damon Lawner and has since been taken over by The Circle. A recent text has been signed with the mysterious sender “Aleph”. Aleph is perhaps a play on “Circle A”, a combination of the A of anarchy and O of order.

Both the SNCTM and the NOSF logo (Nights Of St Francis) display the Oculus Dei symbol of the all-seeing eye. In addition, the NOSF logo not only refers to the Freemasons, but the HC refers to both “Heaven Circle” and the Holy See (pronounced as C).

Perhaps it refers to the Order of the (Second) Circle, a secret British club from the 18th century. This secret society had links with the 18th-century “Hellfire Clubs”, of which the “Knights of St. Francis” was the most notorious. The logo of today’s “Nights Of St Francis” shows similarities with the SNCTM logo. Does this mean that they have imitated each other, or that the organizations are related to each other?

Who exactly is hiding behind this (red) “Circle” remains a mystery for now, but the takeover caused some panic among their wealthy clients when they heard that the club was being sold, because they had shared their most intimate details …

SNCTM originated from the (British) company Sanctum Ltd. that has been around for much longer. It is unclear whether this is related to the Sanctum Hotel Group, now part of the Karma Group. The owner and CEO Mark Fuller of Sanctum Soho Hotel is also the founder of the VIP club “The Embassy Club” an ultra-exclusive club that also organizes masked parties at the London Sanctum Hotel. This hotel has a luxurious rock feel, a special SM room, a private cinema and a group hot tub on the roof.

Screenshots of the Nights Of St Francis website

Nights Of St Francis

A similar club like SNCTM is Nights Of St Francis (NOSF), a secret society that also organizes elite sex parties. They present themselves as the Freemasons and make all kinds of references to the Illuminati, the film Eyes Wide Shut, satanism and rituals on their website and social media. Nights Of St. Francis was founded by Ciro Orsini, the co-founder of the ITNJ (International Tribunal of Natural Justice). The ITNJ says they stand up for victims of sexual exploitation or ritual abuse.


Nights Of St Francis offers a glamorous, commercialized version of the Illuminati sex parties that take place in expensive mansions. Upon arrival, guests receive champagne by men and women with a Venetian mask and bare torso. The dress code is for men a tuxido, for women a cocktail dress, or lingerie with a robe and mask. A buffet is served on a nude model.

In addition to the erotic performances, orgies and private meetings that one can expect at such a party, the images show women in bondage, women in cages, references to “spanking”, “torture in the dungeon area” and rituals with cloaks. If you look with a critical eye at the images on Instagram, you will see signs of MK ultra sex slave programming, references to Freemasons clubs and Satanic rituals.

Not as innocent as it seems

Although it is clearly stated on the NOSF website that one must be at least 18 years of age to participate, and that everything is done consensually and voluntary, it is not as innocent as it is presented. Even if it was all a charade and an imitation of a ‘real’ Illuminati party, it is a reference to the type of parties where real dark things happen in the basement.

I have been researching sexual and satanic ritual abuse for six years now and my information does not only come from books or from the internet. I get a lot of information from people, sometimes first hand information from victims or insiders, sometimes from second hand, for example from writers who do research on the subject themselves. Often they are small puzzle pieces, sometimes detailed stories. Usually from people who do not want to go public with their information.

Last year, for example, I spoke to someone who was born within an Illuminati family, in his own words within one of the most powerful families in the Netherlands. He was obligated to attend Satanic sacrificial rituals when he was young. He was disgusted about it and told it with tears in his eyes. These rituals took place on occult days. Eyes-Wide-Shut-like parties took place on the ground floor of those chic mansions in various places in the Netherlands, with gorgeous naked women wearing Venetian masks and an extravagance in abundance. The sacrificial rituals were in the basement. These parties are not funny. Neither is an ‘immitation’ of it.

Heaven Circle and NOSF (Nights Of St Francis) are partner organisations.

Heaven Circles is a partner organization of Nights Of St Francis and they sometimes use the same logo. They also organize erotic parties. These seem more accessible to a larger audience. But there are ‘inner circles’ within the ‘inner circles’. The higher the number, the more exclusive and extreme. Beyond the third circle you can participate in a ritual with girls in red cloaks. The following circle offers customized services. Orders can be placed up to £ 20,000 (more than € 23,000). One wonders what type of erotic entertainment should cost 23 thousand euros for one evening and whether this is still considered legal. It reminds us of the Ninth Circle, a reference to a Satanic cult, topped with a veneer layer of glamor and so-called innocence.

Snapshot of Ciro Orsini and Chris Reynolds on Chris’ Instagram page.

Both Nights Of St Francis and Heaven Circle are officially registered in the name of Chris Reynolds Gordon, a former professional athlete who has made a new career move as a playboy. But we have evidence that Nights Of St Francis was founded by Ciro Orsini. It was also initially mentioned on their own website. What Chris Reynolds and Damon Lawner (former owner of SNCTM) have in common is that they were broke and in debt when they got the idea of organizing this type of party and setting up a secret club. But to set up such a thing you need a lot of money and connections with rich people. That has apparently been the role of Ciro Orsini at Nights of St Francis. There are now branches in Las Vegas, New York, Barcelona and Switzerland.

(K)nights Of St Francis was already an exclusive club in the 18th century

The secret society Nights Of St Francis has a long history and dates from 1746 when Sir Francis Dashwood (1708-1781) started a very exclusive club for the social elite. The first meeting at Sir Francis’ family home in West Wycombe took place in 1752 on Walpurgis Night, an occult holiday. The society was officially known as “The Knights of St Francis”, but was also called the “Hellfire Club”, the name used in the 18th century for various exclusive clubs in Great Britain and Ireland.

These clubs were exclusively for gentlemen from higher circles who wanted to participate in activities that were not acceptable in civilized society. The club’s president was called “the devil,” and the members also called themselves “devils.” The club came to an end in 1721 when they were accused of “horrible impunities” Another name used for a similar secret society is the Order of St. Francis. It is affiliated with the Order of the Second Circle.

The Orsini House

Ciro Orsini is also linked to the sex and matchmaking industry outside the United Kingdom. The Orsini House in Kharkov, Ukraine, hosts not only Ciro’s Pomodoro pizza restaurant, but also an elite nightclub with “adult entertainment”, a boutique and a spa under the Penthouse Club brand. He also owns the dating site “Hot Russian Brides” with mainly Ukrainian women on display and he is also jury of the USSR UK Miss elections. All activities with a high “flesh inspection” content.

Mafia and the sex industry

Generally, the sex industry is interwoven with all kinds of objectionable and illegal cases. Although operators claim that the women work there voluntarily, sexual exploitation is common, especially when women come from poor countries. Moreover, the sex industry worldwide is interwoven with the Mafia, which uses the venues for money laundering and blackmail practises. This blackmail takes place both within “adult entertainment” and within paedophile networks.

In the Netherlands, elite sex parties are also used as a means of pressure and blackmail to secure certain deals. Here, ‘Ndrangheta — originally an Italian Mafia group that operates worldwide — delivers the victims for pedo parties and Ninth Circle rituals. These children come from poor, often Eastern European countries, such as Romania and Ukraine, but also from Portugal.

Ukraine seems to be a mecca for the Mafia and the Deep State. Children are smuggled into the US via the Ukrainian embassies in New York and Washington DC. Ukraine is specifically mentioned by the FBI and the International Organisation of Migration (IOM) as a problem country when it comes to human trafficking and sexual exploitation.

The world of sex, drugs and entertainment 

For that reason it is remarkable that Ciro Orsini appears to have so many business interests and connections in Romania, Ukraine and Russia. He has ties with Nicu Gheara, who is known as the “Godfather of Romania”. Just like Ciro Orsini, Nicu Gheara organizes parties where many celebrities are present, ranging from politicians, musicians, actors to secret agents. Nicu Gheara was once investigated by the Romanian Public Prosecutor’s Office for alleged drug trafficking, a case known as “Cocaine for VIPs”. In publications, Ciro Orsini is associated with this case and both he and Nicu Gheara are suspected of having links with the Italian Mafia.

Nicu Gheara is no small player and has ties with the Chinese, Russian, Arab and Italian Mafia. He is known as an extremely dangerous individual, who has built up a whole terror empire in Romania — not only with his own security firms, but also has the Romanian justice and police in his pocket. He owns various night clubs on the outskirts of Bucharest and is involved in human trafficking.

Ciro Orsini and Nicu Gheara (with the black shirt left of Ciro) with Simply Red band members. This pop group also performed ‘coincidentally’ during Humanitad’s presentation of the Millenium Development Goals at the VN in 2009.

One of Nicu Gheara’s connections is Sorin Sapunarescu, a Russian underworld figure who owned the Karma Club in Romania. Nicu Gheara eventually took over this night club, a place that was explored by many of his prominent friends from the underworld. We also see the name Karma in the merger between the Sanctum and Karma Hotel Group. Whether the same people are behind it (behind the scenes) is still guessing, but it would not surprise me.

Sapunarescu is also associated with money laundering and trafficking in women. His Russian business partners established a number of clubs in Miami, Florida, to have prostitutes from the former Soviet Union countries work there. It is a network of drugs, money laundering, blackmail, prostitutes and human trafficking of Eastern European women. And in countless Romanian publications the name of Ciro Orsini keeps popping up in this context.

The name of Ciro Orsini is also linked to that of a famous American gangster, Franco Nicoletti. He was arrested for money laundering. According to American publications, Franco Nicoletti worked as a manager at the first “Ciro” restaurant in Los Angeles. This place has long been said to be the place where the Cosa Nostra leaders (another Italian Mafia group) would meet. The manager of another Ciro’s Pomodoro restaurant in London was killed in the 1990s. This murder was never solved.

Same players and connections 

Ciro Orsini therefore does not have a flawless image. His involvement in Illuminati sex parties with all kinds of references to Masonic and Satanic rituals is reason enough not to involve him in an organization that should investigate sexual exploitation and Satanic ritual abuse. Nevertheless, he was closely involved in the establishment of the International Tribunal of Natural Justice and would initially act as their ambassador.

Ciro Orsini’s regular business partners are his nephews Antonio and Ciro Jr. Coppola. They were also the co-owners of Sacha’s “Stone Music Company.” The Copolla brothers have all sorts of companies registered to their name, one of which is Coppola Productions Ltd. A company founded by Ciro Coppola, Ciro Orsini and Yvette Hoyle to fund film and television projects.

One of their business partners is the American actor and producer Armand Assante. Together with Ciro Orsini, he also founded the organization “The Ciro Orsini and Armand Assante Children’s Fund” for homeless children. Armand Assante was also the host presenter of Humanitad’s MDG Awards presentation at the UN in 2009. A project in which both Ciro Orsini and Sacha Stone are involved. Assante’s name also appears in publications about Romanian Mafia leader Nicu Gheara.

The same players are involved in both Ciro Orsini’s business activities and Sacha Stone’s organizations. Ciro and Sacha have known each other for decades and have done many things together. The question therefore is, what Sacha Stone knew about Ciro Orsini’s business activities and whether he did not find it inappropriate to involve him (nevertheless) in the founding of ITNJ and Humanitad’s projects.

Ciro Orsini is beloved by all those who come in to contact with him and a dear friend of mine over many many years. (…) despite his tendency to strike rock and roll poses for photographs which are dangerously akin to those occultist poses which many of the practising dark-hearts in the music business also strike. Something those of us who adore him find amusing. A kinder and more sympathetic man you are unlikely to meet. He is actually fairly well known in parts of Europe for his charitable works.”

Sacha Stone

The new revelations about Ciro’s secret clubs contribute to the growing distrust of the true intention of the organization, which says it wants to end sexual and ritual abuse. In any case, it sheds a different light on the insistence of ITNJ’s spokespersons Sacha Stone and Robert David Steele not to prosecute or punish anyone for the abuse.

“Everyone gets the truth, no one gets to jail.”

Robert David Steele, Chief Counsel ITNJ

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