More and more controversy arises around the ITNJ (International Tribunal of Natural Justice) now that the founder Sacha Stone has been discredited. Was this organization established to try pedo-criminals and other elite criminals? Or is there a completely different agenda behind the ITNJ and Humanitad? More and more people openly express their doubts.

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There is a worldwide movement of all kinds of initiatives, based on the philosophy of Natural Law and sovereignty. Sacha Stone has played a role in this for years, in particular through his organization New Earth. When years ago he announced the creation of a new tribunal, the International Tribunal of Natural Justice (ITNJ) — to tackle the corruption of the “justice system” and all kinds of human rights violations — it sounded very promising.

The New Earth logo consists of an infinity sign, just like the ITNJ logo.

After the initial success of the other organization ITCCS (the International Tribunal into Crimes of Church and State, with Kevin Annett as their figurehead), forcing the pope to resign, it turned out to be difficult for them to get a large-scale, public movement off the ground due to a lack of sufficient funding. When Sacha Stone started the ITNJ in 2015 — a comparable tribunal that would rule on the basis of Natural Law — the original ideas still seemed to take shape in this new initiative. With a better presentation, a broader support base and greater visibility.

Founder Sacha Stone is the charismatic leader of this tribunal. He is very eloquent, has a Bohemian appearance and an extensive network and connections in the highest circles. Financing also didn’t seem to be a problem. With his charm he managed to win over many excellent commissioners and key witnesses to work for the tribunal. And where the ITCCS had decided to operate underground due to safety issues and the murder of witnesses and volunteers, the ITNJ operated in full publicity.

Yet doubts arose from the beginning about the motives of the founders, which has been extensively described in earlier articles. The connections of the core group raised questions about whether they are impartial, which is also discussed in an earlier article. The public nature in which the tribunal operated and have no obstacles put in their way, created suspicion. Also the statements about not wanting to prosecute and lock up the world’s greatest criminals, strengthened the suspicion that it is a controlled opposition group, with the aim of leaving the top tier of power undisturbed.

Censoring and excluding testimonials

Now Sacha Stone is being rigorously criticized, it seems that these suspicions were justified at the time. It started two months ago when Sarah Westall published an interview with a former ITNJ collaborator, who disclosed what takes place behind the scenes of the organisation. Something was rumbling within the ITNJ for some time and according to Sarah Westall Alessandro Valerin Castellón was the fourth insider that reported on questionable practises within the organisation.

Alessandro Valerin Castellón worked as an ITNJ volunteer, was responsible for the social media and took part in the core meetings. He told that the ITNJ has censored the testimony of Fiona Barnett. In the ITNJ-version of the video can be seen that at the ±44 minute mark a piece was edited out and subsequently the sound is omitted at the moments Fiona mentions names. According to Alessandro it concerned the king of Jordan, amongst others. For him this was the turning point and a reason to leave the organisation.

Connections with the MI5

He also declared that the ITNJ waived any publication about the Hampstead-case, a major abuse scandal of British school children that are abused by a Satanic cult, involving high profile figures from the British establishment. Almost all articles and videos about this case have been removed from the internet. Apparently the testimonies of the then young children were threatening for very powerful people.

Other sources also claim that this relationship exists between the MI5 and the ITNJ. Kevin Annett has been made aware of a MI5 memo that mentioned the financing of the ITNJ. The Security Service Military Intelligence 5, better known as MI5, is the domestic security agency of the United Kingdom. MI6 is involved in foreign intelligence. They are both under the authority of the British Queen.

According to Kevin Annett the ITNJ is a front organisation for the MI5/MI6 in order to get a grip on the testimonies of abuse possibly involving the royal family. “It is controlled opposition.” That also does not exclude that the organisations might report to the Vatican. “All roads lead to Rome.” The symbolism used by the ITNJ, seems to confirm the latter.

Thereby it is remarkable that Sacha Stone accuses Kevin Annett of “sedition” — which means: “conduct or speech inciting people to rebel against the authority of a state or monarch” — and threatened to have him locked up and referred to the ‘authorities’. Robert David Steele threatened to have Kevin Annett removed out of the ‘public sphere’. Shortly after he was indeed arrested by secret agents, that interrogated him about his position towards the British monarchy. Coincidence?

Threats, insults and rantings

Eventually Fiona Barnett published her testimony onto her own Youtube channel. They had considered to remove her testimony in full. Now that Fiona had put her own version online — what did not go down well within the ITNJ — they had no other option than to publish the ITNJ version as well. That was the censored one.

Internet troll Defango then made a denigrating video about Fiona Barnett, in order to discredit her testimony completely. Also other abuse victims and whistle-blowers about satanic ritual abuse and elite pedorings were slandered by Defango. Recently leaked correspondence shows that Defango works for Robert David Steele. He is the Chief Council at the ITNJ. Why would a legitimate organisation hire an abject internet troll like Defango, unless they want to have means to discredit witnesses and whistle-blowers that step out of line?

Besides intimidating witnesses, censoring testimonies and excluding abuse dossiers, Sacha Stone seems to have other ‘skeletons in the closet’. Alessandro has made no secret of the fact he is collecting testimonies. Sacha Stone and Robert David Steele immediately threatened with a slander law suit against those who make false accusations. But when there appears to be proof of inappropriate sexual behaviour, death threats and cases of scamming, this could very well work against them. We’ll have to see how this will play out. Remarkably Sacha did not refute Alessandro’s claims he made in Sarah Westall’s show, despite her invitation to come on and explain himself.

Fiona Barnett no longer supports the ITNJ founder. Former ITNJ collaborator Alessandro Valerin Castellón called on victims to report.

For an organisation that claims to stand up for victims that were abused and threatened by elite figures, all this is pretty disturbing. It leads to more and more people leaving the organization and expressing their doubts about the true intention of the ITNJ. According to another whistle blower also within the ITNJ there is a true fear culture, with lots of screaming, insults and threats. “Everybody is afraid of Sacha.”

The truth but no persecution

The ITNJ is set up according to the truth and reconciliation model, just like the Commissions Samson, Deetman, De Winter and De Vries were created in order to investigate institutionalised and systematic abuse in the Netherlands. They let a few witnesses testify, write everything down in thick reports and then nothing happens with it. The government pat themselves on the back because they allegedly ‘addressed the problem’. In the meantime nobody is prosecuted for the crimes and many unheard victims remain in despair. It is essentially a misleading whitewash operation and legitimation to let the perpetrators go with impunity.

All this costs a lot of money. We see the same thing at the ITNJ. The organization is loaded with money, there seems to be no limit of funding. Part of the money comes in through donations, most of the work is done by volunteers. Several insiders have stated Sacha and judge Sir John Walsh of Brannagh amongst others, do get paid. In the meantime Sacha is well off and is living the lifestyle of a millionaire. Four sports cars (including a Ferrari and Maserati), an apartment in London for tens of thousands of Euros rent per month, a second home in Bali, large-scale parties, many foreign trips.

This lifestyle requires a constant source of income of many tons, if not millions per year. This does not add up with the type of organisations he operated in the past years. Where does the money come from? Who pays him for which services? Perhaps there is a simple explanation for all this, but it is in sharp contrast to similar initiatives that often have to make ends meet. That also contributes to the growing distrust.

In the meantime Sacha Stone kept talking about “absolution and redemption.” These terms come directly from the vocabulary of the Catholic Church. Absolution means: “forgiveness of sins after confession,” absolution means: “be redeemed from sin for those who are open to God.” There was a lot of resistance to that position at the time and perhaps this has since been adjusted. Ultimately, we will only be able to test judgments against actions. I don’t buy much for nice words and empty promises.

Ciro Orsini is Sacha Stone’s best friend and deeply involved in the foundation of the ITNJ.
He is related to Pepe Orsini, the grey pope. A family that belongs to the papal bloodlines, with close ties to the Jesuits and the Vatican. Besides the pizzeria chain Pizza Pomodoro, Ciro Orsini also owns the (sexist) ‘dating site’ Hot Russian Brides, to acquire a young Eastern European or Russian woman. Furthermore he is the ambassador of a foundation for homeless children. Initially he would be more prominent as an ITNJ ambassador, but when people realized that his image did not contribute to the image of the ITNJ, he faded more into the background.

A tribunal of Natural Law, that does not apply natural law

Sacha Stone told last year that they would report their findings to the bodies responsible for trial, like the International Criminal Court in The Hague, Interpol, Europol, et cetera. For decades, pressure from above has led these agencies not to prosecute cases of abuse involving the royal families and other elite figures. That is why this is a meaningless statement and by no means a guarantee of persecution.

It is also in stark contrast to the name of the ITNJ: International Tribunal of Natural Justice and previous statements Sacha Stone made: “I hereby declare the ITNJ Law.” To then state that the ITNJ is not a legal body. The findings of the ITNJ Commission of Inquiry will be send to the UN and existing international judicial institutions. These institutions do not operate based on Natural Justice. To also claim: “The ITNJ will serve as the last arbitrator of Natural Law.” There are multiple contradictions to be discovered.

The ITNJ would be a tribunal for the people, by the people, but the founders have connections to the Vatican, Monarchy, intelligence services and the establishment. And now it also appears that certain information threatening the establishment is being censored by order of the intelligence service

Humanitad plays a major role in the implementation of the UN Millennium Development Goals

The ITNJ Committee website states that they do not support the UN Agenda 2021, but Humanitad (the parent organisation of the ITNJ) is deeply involved in the implementation of projects that support the UN Agenda 2021 and promotes their agenda on their website. Furthermore Sacha Stone was the executive producer of the 2009 Millennium Development Goals Awards, launched in March 2009 at the United Nations General Assembly in New York.

This slide-show shows you can see for yourself that Sacha Stone was not only closely involved in the MDG Awards event of 2009, but Humanitad is promoting the Millennium Goals as well. He is also the Director-General for the UN-IGO (IREO) Intergovernmental Renewable Energy Organisation in 2010, as he founded and launched the Exemplar-Zero Initiative. He is also the founder and Director-General of the Natural World Organisation (NWO), an intergovernmental organisation promulgating accountability and transparency in world-wide governance.

Besides these there are a number of other organisations: New Earth Media, New Earth University, World Health Sovereignty, New Earth Nation and probably a few more. These organisations are part of the MDG Network and Humanitad plays a central role in this, as is apparent from the first scheme, that was previously on Humanitad’s website (see screen-shot of this article). But the ITNJ would not support the New World Order according tot the model of the UN Agenda 21/2030? Really?

The Litmus Test

ITNJ’s symbolism seems to refer to the peacocks and pine cone on the courtyard ‘Cortile della Pigna’ in Vatican City. The peacock and lions guard the secret Vatican Archive that is located underneath, where all secret gnostic and historical treasures are stored.

All this raises doubts in my mind about the ITNJ’s true intent and who’s interests they really serve. These doubts are emphasized by the symbolism that the organisation uses, with many referrals to the aristocracy and Vatican. It all seems to indicate that the organisation operates as a gatekeeper for these institutes that played the biggest role in the abuse. I am referring to the monarchies and the Vatican.

If you compare these institutions, the corrupt power system, with a two-headed dragon, you will have to cut the two heads off (in the proverbial sense). In this metaphor, the two dragon heads symbolize the royal and papal bloodlines. By leaving these two groups undisturbed — and only hand out a reprimand through public hearings — we will not tame the monster. Only if one is willing to tackle these two groups, will one pass the Litmus test. Including prosecution and adequate prison sentences for what they have done to humanity.

All groups committed to this cause, get my full support. Time will tell whether the ITNJ was just a whitewash operation or actually contributed to the restoration of the law.

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De symboliek van het ITNJ (International Tribunal of Natural Justice) onder de loep

ITNJ: Willen we ons verzoenen met pedocriminelen?

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