Neil Keenan’s battle against the world wide conspiracy of bankers

End of 2011 the Irish-American businessman Neil Keenan (agent of the Asian Dragon family) filed a claim in the Federal court in New York. [1] Neil Keenan’s lawsuit is not just about the stolen bonds with a face value of 134,500 billion dollar. It entails the largest fraud in the financial world. The story behind the claim exposes the corruption within the banking industry. It also uncovers the involvement of world leaders with these corrupt practises and unveils the sinister agenda of the Cabal (secret ruling elite, also called Illuminati). Furthermore it reveals the true motivations behind the Second World War and 9/11.

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And if the claimed amount of more than a trillion dollar is not spectacular enough, the list of defendants is at least as impressive: Dal Bosco (financial advisor of the Vatican), the Italian government, Prime Minister Berlosconi, the United Nations, Ban Ki-moon (UN), World Economic Forum and the Federal Reserve Bank in New York. [1]

One would almost think that this is not a serious case, but nothing could be further from the truth. This case is dead serious and everything indicates that this story is the absolute truth. A chilling truth, at least for the Cabal, as this most likely will be the sword of Damocles that hangs over their head.

The claim

In June 2009 two Japanese men were arrested in the Italian Chiasso, near the Swiss border. The two Japanese, Yamaguchi and Watanabe, carried in the double bottom of their suitcase Federal Reserve Bonds with a face value of 134,500 billion dollar. [2] The two were accused of having counterfeits in their possession and after the arrest their bonds were confiscated by the Italian police. After they were brought before the court, they were quickly released and there is no police or legal report anywhere to be found, neither in the Italian police record, nor at the Financial Police, nor at Interpol. However, the confiscated bonds remained in the hands of the Italians and there is proof that they have been redeemed by the Italian government and the Federal Reserve Bank in new York and placed in a financial program of the United Nations.

The history of the Dragon Bonds

In order to understand the origin of these bonds and their astronomical value, one needs to go back to the time of the silk route. For thousands of years the West is engaged in trade with the East and particularly since the era of the East Indian Trading Company this trade intensified. Merchandise like silk, ceramics, spices and other valuable goods were imported from Asia. The Asians only accepted gold as payment and this is how 85% of the worldwide gold ended up in the East. This gold belonged to the Dragon family — China’s dynastic rulers before the communists came to power — and is now spread over various Asian countries: Indonesia, Thailand, South-Korean, Japan, the Philippines, Malaysia and Taiwan. [3]

In order to regain this gold, the Cabal in the West made a secret agreement to plunder it from Asia by means of three world wars. This plan dates from 1776, the year that the Illuminati was founded as well. Later on in 1921, 18 years prior to when World War II would start, another secret agreement was signed by the American, British and French government, the future Japanese Emperor Hirohito and the Chinese communist leaders, to start the Second World War and steal the gold of the Dragon family. A copy of this agreement will be submitted in Neil Keenan’s lawsuit.


Example of Federal Reserve bond with face value of $ 100,000. Bonds with higher values, half a million to 100 million per bond, were also issued.

Part of the plan was a false flag attack by a Japanese proxy that stole part of the gold in China in the twenties. [5] This convinced the Dragon family to safely put away part of their gold in the Federal Reserve Bank in the US. The first part was shipped in 1934 and in 1938 seven tankers fully loaded with gold-bars left for the US. In exchange the Dragon family received Federal Reserve Bonds with gigantic values, varying from a million to 100 million dollar per bond. A condition of this deal was that the gold would be used to finance humanitarian projects to develop and modernize Asia and Africa.

Bretton Woods agreement

In 1944 the International Monetary Fund (IMF) and the World Bank were founded as part of the Bretton Woods agreement. [6] This was the start of the current worldwide financial system. The US demanded that from then on the Federal Gold Reserve would form the basis of the monetary system. It was a clever ruse to make sure that a large part of the gold in the hands of the Dragon family that was not part of the Federal Reserve, would this way be non-tradable. The gold that was handed over to the Federal Reserve Bank was lent for a period of 60 years. When this term ended in 1994 for the 1934 bonds the Dragon Family demanded their gold back. Because the promises made by the West to modernize the third world by humanitarian projects were not kept and furthermore the funds were used to finance various wars.


Chest and boxes used to store the Federal Reserve Bank bonds.

9/11 was related to 200,000 tons of gold

Because the Federal Reserve Bank did not want to return the gold, the Dragon family filed a lawsuit at the International World Court in The Hague. The trial took place behind closed doors and when the Dragon family won the case the Federal Reserve Bank was obligated to return 200,000 tons of gold. The deadline when this gold had to be sent back was September 12 2001, the day after 9/11. The gold was stored in the vaults in the basement of the World Trade Centre, and has disappeared ever since the attacks. Cantor Fitzgerald Securities the shipping company that was in the possession of the insurance and transportation documents was located in WTC 1. During the 9/11 attacks all 600 employees were killed and all documents vanished. The Treasury Police was located in WTC 7 and when this building came down, their documents disappeared as well. The message to the Dragon family was loud and clear; the Fed did not have the intention to return the gold. [3]


The gold that had to be sent back was stored in the vault below the WTC. The shipping and insurance documents were destroyed after WTC 1 and WTC 7 came down after the 9/11 attacks

The Chiasso incident

In 2009 the Dragon family appointed the Irish-American businessman Neil Keenan to help them with the bonds. This successful international businessman was experienced with negotiating with top diplomats and heads of state and was known for his integrity. Keenan was also granted a mandate of the DFFI (Dragon Family Financial Instruments). According to Neil Keenan, also spokesperson for the Dragon family, another lawsuit took place after 9/11. Again the Federal Reserve Bank was obligated to return the gold. Thereon the US sent false gold bars back to China, made of a worthless tungsten covered by a layer of gold. [7]

In the meantime the Federal Reserve Bank neglected to pay the (full) interest over the bonds since the sixties. The yearly interest is significantly higher than the value of the bonds when redeemed, where just a small part of the face value would be paid out. Despite this, Keenan and the Dragon Family decided to redeem part of their bonds on a trial basis. With the first part of bonds, just a very small amount, all the required authorisations were provided, a procedure that could take a number of weeks. Then two representatives of the Dragon Family, the Japanese Yamaguchi and Watanabe travelled to Italy with 134,500 billion dollar bonds in their possession.

After the arrest of the Japanese and the confiscation of their bonds a news paper article was published in an Italian newspaper that the two had carried counterfeits. However, these bonds have never been formally declared false. Furthermore, Neil Keenan has proof that Prime Minister Berlosconi redeemed these bonds and shared half of the loot with the Federal Reserve Bank in New York. The redeemed bonds are placed in a program of the United Nations. This program had a revenue of 20-30% and this profit went directly to the defendants.


Italian police with confiscated bonds. After Yamaguchi’s and Watanabe’s arrest an article in the Italian press claimed that the two were taken into custody because they carried counterfeits.

Lies and deceit at the highest level

That the bonds were secretly and illegitimately redeemed [8] would be discovered by Neil Keenan much later in the game. After the arrest of Yamaguchi and Watanabe, Neil Keenan travelled to Italy and Switzerland to mediate with representatives of the Italian government. There he also met Dal Bosco that promised to help him to redeem the bonds through the Italian Treasury Police. Dal Bosco was a financial advisor of the Vatican and treasurer of the P2 lodge in Rome. [9] As part of the negotiations Keenan always took his own stack of bonds with him, a set comparable with Yamaguchi’s confiscated set of bonds and with a face value of 145,500 billion dollar. To make sure they would not be stolen when traveling he entrusted them with Dal Bosco, also knowing they could not be redeemed without the required signature of Yamaguchi. At least, that is what he thought…

However, a dirty game was played and Dal Bosco offered Neil Keenan a 100 million dollar bribe in return for transferring the mandate of the DFFI (Dragon Family Financial Instruments) to them. The DFFI have an actual value of several trillions. Dal Bosco assured Neil Keenan that it was safe to go along with the proposed deal and implied that the Italian government, Vatican and P2 lodge agreed with the deal. Dal Bosco: “so you see there is no possible way we can have a problem. We can cloak ourselves with the immunity shield and everyone will go away. Just another day in the UN!” Ban Ki-moon of the UN had stated: “From the very top we’re protected.” “There is no reason for anyone, including Keenan, to worry about any sort of repercussions.” The Federal Reserve Bank “had no problems with the actions about to be taken so long as some candy was tossed to them.” [10]

Implications of Neil Keenan’s lawsuit

The above story became the basis of Neil Keenan’s claim against the Federal Reserve Bank in New York and the other defendants. This will by no doubt become one of the most outstanding lawsuit of all times and the implications of this lawsuit are enormous. It will irrevocably lead to the Federal Reserve Bank’s bankruptcy. Many whistle-blowers have stated that the Federal Reserve no longer has the gold and by no means can return it.

Furthermore, through the submitted evidence a network of large scale financial fraud will be exposed, a criminal cartel at the highest level. A team of experts around Keenan, who call themselves Team-K, prepares the final death blow. Team-K claims to have truck loads of evidence that irrefutably prove their claims. There are documents, audio recordings, bank statements, etc.

Beginning of 2012 Neil Keenan redrew the lawsuit after the first judge was replaced by a corrupt judge with close connections to Washington DC. Moreover there was a jurisdiction problem, because part of the claim was addressed to several Italian parties and the International United Nations, but filed in the US. Meanwhile Keenan now has collected enough evidence to undoubtedly prove the complicity of the Federal Reserve Bank in New York. He expects to refile the case this year, first in New York, later in Europe. Hopefully the case will lead to many arrests and will end the era of financial tyranny, the financial system as we know it today. [11]

> Soon Part 2: The end of financial tyranny is the beginning of the Golden Age.

Footnotes and external links

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• Powers that be in New York had no problems with the actions about to be taken so long as some candy was tossed to them.”

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Pete Santilli Episode #1039 – Neil Keenan: Jesuit Pope Will Shock The World In September
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