Anneke Lucas had been abused as a child sex slave in the elite paedophile network in Belgium that became later known in the Dutroux case. After a healing process that took decades, she now offers a unique insight into the psychology of her former abusers as well as the global power structure. “The power structure only exists to protect power abuse.” 


As a child Anneke Lucas was faced with the dark side of the political elite and aristocrats. In her eyes, people within elite circles who have never known love are doomed. They don’t recognise it later in life. That huge emptiness, the lack of self-love, as a result of childhood trauma, is the cause of their constant need for sex with children.

Her abusers included people involved in the Bilderberg Group, Club of Rome and Le Cercle, political fora that were by invitation only. In a candid interview, Anneke Lucas talks about her mind-control training and how her abusers used paedophilia to maintain their position of power, while — as they are blackmailed with these compromising files — it imprisons them at the same time.

Her personal quest for love enabled her to survive the horrors of her childhood. Fifty years later, she realises that it was the lack of love lack of love that created the monsters who abused children and their life force as a substitute for true love …

Quest for Love, part 1

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Quest for Love, part 2

In part two Anneke Lucas shares her hopeful vision of the future. She sees the current power pyramid, where the top uses all their resources to hide their involvement in satanic ritual abuse, crumbling ever further.

Over the years, she has gained much insight into the psyche of her abusers and the parallels with today’s power structure. When we no longer seek power outside ourselves, but empower ourselves, the power pyramid will crumble, she explains.

Just as we were talking about this,  there was a power outage. When we looked outside, a beautiful rainbow appeared in the sky. We interpreted it as an affirmation of: “We need to empower ourselves”.

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Rectification and additions:
*) Michel Nihoul had boasted to journalists from German magazine Der Spiegel (not Die Welt) that he owned the government and had a compromising dossier on every Belgian politician. Journalists at Die Welt who spent more than two decades investigating the Dutroux case and the disappearance of German Manual Schadwald confirmed that these cases were related. They also claimed that Dutroux provided children (at the behest of the Stasi, among others) to create incriminating files in order to blackmail politicians and other influential people.
**) Dutroux supplied children for the Dutch paedophile network (not specifically for boy brothels) and other countries, including Belgium. Investigators also found that within that international child trafficking ring, Dutroux mostly supplied the girls and his fellow kidnappers supplied the boys.

Marc Dutroux werkte voor de Stasi om politici te chanteren met kinderporno

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